Workshop: DHC Networks in European Innovation Projects - Sustainable Places 2021

The objective of this 120-minute virtual workshop is to share experiences from district heating and cooling (DHC) demosites involved in European innovation projects (WEDISTRICT, REWARDHEAT, RELaTED, and MATCHUP).

Various individual presentations on the integration of renewable energy systems and waste heat recovery for feeding district heating and/or cooling networks and optimizing their operation aiming at new and retrofitted decarbonized districts, will be followed by a fruitful debate amongst the speakers and attendees to exchange new ideas, lessons learnt, proposals, etc.

Date: 29th September 10:30-12:30 CET WORKSHOP

Workshop Agenda:

10:30 – Welcome statement and Workshop overview [ACCIONA] – María Victoria Cambronero

10:35 – General overview WEDISTRICT project [ACCIONA] – María Victoria Cambronero

10:40 – 12:30- DHCs real demonstrators and experiences

10:40 – Alcalá demosite – WEDISTRICT Project [DHECO] – Jon Martínez

10:55 – Bucharest demosite – WEDISTRICT Project [UPB] – Constantin Ionescu

11:10 – Lulea demosite – WEDISTRICT Project [RISE] – Jon Summers

11:25 – Rewardheat Project [RINA] – Federica Fuligni

11:40 – Related Project [TECNALIA] – Antonio Garrido

11:55 – “Future District House” – Match UP Project [SACHSENENERGIE] – Alexander Haidan

12:10 – DHC inefficiencies and lessons learnt [RAMBOLL] – Frederik Palshøj Bigum

12:20 – AB Feedback, other questions from audience, open discussion

12:30 – Wrap-up and close of the workshop [ACCIONA] – María Victoria Cambronero

For more information about Sustainable Places 2021, please, visit the website.