REWARDHeat Serious Game: a free crash course offer

In February 2024, REWARDHeat will organise a crash course for external teachers on how they can autonomously use REWARDHeat Serious Game in their educational programs.

Developed by HAWK University of Applied Sciences as part of REWARDHeat, the Serious Game is a web-based game about the heating sector and its transformation in a fictional town. Players take over one of the roles (district heating company, district manager, government) and follow their goals to win in the game while interacting with each other and performing different actions. It has been successfully played at many occasions with various international students. Find out more about the game>>

Serious Game Crash Course

1. Goal

To teach external (not from the HAWK university) administrators on how to autonomously use REWARDHeat Serious Game for educating students.

2. Target group

Teaching personnel of universities.

3. Format

Three online webinars. Video recordings will be available after the end of the course. 

Additionally, individual exploration is possible.

4. Preliminary schedule

5. After course support

Online support during the first REWARDHeat Game workshop organized by an external administrator until 30.09.2024 will be provided.

6. Certificates

Certificates can be issued for the participants if needed.

7. Registration link

The course is planned for three weeks, from 05.02.24 to 25.02.24. Please select the suitable day and time for each week via the link above. E.g. 6 Feb. 2024, 11-12 am means that the course will take place on Tuesdays (06.02.24, 13.02.24, 20.02.24) from 11 to 12 am.