Webinar Heat Pumps - Integral in District Heating

On July 30th, 2020 the second episode of the series: “Heat Pumps - Integral in District Heating” has been hosted, in which four innovative projects, promoting heat pumps in different district heating applications across Europe have been presented.


10:30 Welcome speech by Serena Scotton (European Heat Pump Association)

10:40 “HPs in neutral temperature district heating – the RewardHeat project” by Roberto Fedrizzi (EURAC)

10:55 “The Sun People project” by David Bourguignon (ALOEN) and Jonathan Selman (Plymouth City Council)

11:10 “Insights about the R&I Programme on Positive Energy Districts and SET-Plan” by Hans-Günther Schwarz (Austrian Ministry of Climate Action)

11:25 “Heliostorage - We store the summer in the ground”, by Vesa Robertsson (Holda Energy Solutions)

11:40 Q&A session

12:00 Conclusion

Link to the Full Agenda