Serious Game

Within REWARDHeat, our partner HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Art has been developing a web-based Serious Game about the heating sector and its transformation in a fictional town. Players take over one of the roles (district heating company, district manager, government) and follow their goals to win in the game while interacting with each other and performing different actions.

The game was successfully played several times with HAWK and international students in August 2022 within the framework of DHC+ Summer School in Göttingen, Germany.

In 2023, HAWK can offer free game workshops to universities, research institutions and companies, as well as to any other interested organisations.

Such workshops can be considered for students as a part of their education (8 hours of playing time is recommended for students but 4-hour workshops are also possible) or for professionals as a part of teambuilding or networking events.

Find below more information about the game and its concept:

- a video (3 minutes):

- a presentation (17 slides)

- a narrated presentation (17 slides -> 9 minutes)

- an article (8 pages)

- a brief tutorial for players (2 pages)

Are you interested to have a Serious Game workshop? Get in touch with us using the contact below!

Contact: Please contact Dmitry Romanov from HAWK ( if you or your network are interested in the game workshops.