Albertslund shunt

A shunt has been installed in the Albertslund demonstrator network. The shunt allows the operator to lower/optimize the temperature in network, which supplies heat to a housing area “behind” the shunt.

The shunt divides an existing high temperature district heating area into smaller islands or district heating areas. In this case on a street called Porsager with around 100 villas, that were built in the late 1960’s.

The requirements from the Building Regulation when the villas were built are known. The yearly consumption of DH by the villas is also known. Since we have installed smart meters, we can go even more into details.

With the shunt and software from Grundfos, the forward DH temperature can be optimised. We can detect critical customers, and guide them in order to lower the temperature even further.

What we cannot see, is what has happened to the villas since they were built. Have they been refurbished since the 1960’s? More insulation? New windows? Large differences between the energy performance of the 100 villas are expected.

We can control and follow the shunt through the Grundfos iGrid Portal. However, the data will be connected to our ABB Scada system, and the data will be part of the data analysis carried by Artelys.

The solution will demonstrate a tool to improve the efficiency of DH supply and start the systematic lowering of the temperature in the network, moving from 3rd generation DH to 4th generation DH. We are in contact with the house owners, and we are keeping them informed about the shunt project.

More info on the iGRID system is available here.