Waste heat solutions for Europe’s green recovery

There is enough waste heat available in Europe to meet the demands of the entire building stock. Following the energy efficiency first principle, it is essential that this surplus energy is put to good use. Waste heat can be recovered and reused in district heating systems as well as in industrial processes. It is estimated that industrial waste heat could cover at least 25% of district heating generation, while waste heat recovery from unconventional sources could potentially meet as much as 10% of the EU's total energy demand for heat and hot water. Join us for a discussion on the barriers to realising the potential of waste heat, and how they can be overcome using the latest technological solutions.

Agenda – 19th March 2021 14:00-15:15


  • Veronika Wilk – AIT
  • Kristina Lygnerud – IVL
  • Roberto Fedrizzi – EURAC
  • Anne Baastrup Holm – Energy Cluster
  • Dan Stefanica – EHPA (moderator)

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