Topusko, Croatia

The Municipality of Topusko

Topusko is a municipality in Sisak-Moslavina County, located in central Croatia 70 km south of the capital city Zagreb with a population of approximately 3,000.

The Demonstrator

Health Spa Topusko (Lječilište Topusko) is the REWARDHEAT partner in charge for the Topusko (HR) demonstrator. The focus of this demonstrator is the retrofit of an existing DHN.

Health Spa Topusko is a health institution that uses geothermal water and peloid in purpose of rehabilitation and health tourism. TOP-TERME Ltd. is 100% owned by Health Spa Topusko and has accommodation, food, and recreation services in its portfolio. They share ownership of the local heating system and the rights to exploit geothermal springs for the purpose of supplying heat energy to private, business, and public sector facilities.

The Topusko area is rich in thermal springs. The heat system harnesses geothermal energy from four wells. Thermal well 4 is the most productive one with 64°C water temperature, constantly through the year, source capacity of 100 l/s and an average annual exploitation of 650.000 m⊃3;/year, which supplies the Central district heating station (CHS) where energy is exchanged for space heating, hot water for household and geothermal water for the purposes of balneotherapy and recreational pools.

Part of existing DHN that supply internal consumers will be retrofitted by pipeline restoration, smart control, and monitoring system by implementing smart monitoring and control hardware and software into the CHS overall reducing the exploitation of geothermal water and waste heat generated during exploitation. The preparation of DHW will be decentralized, and great part of CHS will be reconstructed to increase energy efficiency and better utilization of the geothermal water. Geothermal water after using it for energy purpose will be used for balneotherapy and pools water. The implementation of this personalized system will increase the quality of the services provided by Health Spa Topusko and TOP-TERME Ltd. Consequently, the greatest benefit will be felt by patients, guests, and service users. Realization of the REWARDHeat project will complete the 1st phase in the further planned development and improvement of the existing system of utilization and distribution of geothermal water and the expansion of the existing DHN.

The REWARDHeat partners involved within Topusko demonstrator are:

• ENISYST: for the implementation of smart monitoring and control hardware and software

• Thermaflex: for part of pre-insulated pipelines