Topusko, Croatia

The Municipality of Topusko

Topusko is a municipality in Sisak-Moslavina County, Croatia; with a population of approximately 3,000. The municipality is located in central Croatia, close to the Bosnia and Herzegovina border.

The Demonstrator

The demonstrator, managed by Ljeciliste Topusko, will focus on the retrofit of an existing DH network. The existing DH network serves both residential and tertiary buildings, including two hotels with spa and swimming pool facilities, a hospital and a cinema. The network exploits high temperature (64 °C) geothermal energy from four wells.

The existing DH network is an open system, providing space heating and district hot water to a number of customers, as well as heat to the swimming pools. Used hot water is cooled down to around 30 °C, by means of wet cooling towers, before being released into the sewage system.

The overall goal for this demonstrator is to improve the efficiency of the network by using hot water to drive adsorption chillers so that space cooling can be provided to customers during Summer. This closes the loop and avoids the use of cooling towers, as much as possible. In this way, the environmental impact of the system will also be reduced as less water will be released into the sewage system.

The specific goals relating to the retrofit of the existing DH network are:

  • Install substations for cascading heat and providing space cooling to buildings
  • Retrofit the thermal plant so that the open system can be closed
  • Implement smart monitoring and control hardware and software