Results & Deliverables

The outcomes of REWARDHeat project, produced during the project’s duration are available for consultation.

The public deliverables are produced by the Project partners in compliance with the overall objectives of REWARDHeat project

D2.3 – Utilities Needs and Best Practice Examples

The report aims to define the specific needs of potential end-users of the REWARDHeat predesign tool, and their translation into preliminary technical specifications.

October 2020

D3.1 – REWARDHeat PESTLE analysis

The report analyzed factors impacting effective replication of Low Temperature (LT) District Heating and Cooling (DHC) networks with Low Temperature Heat (LTH) and Renewable Energy (RE) sources integration.

March 2021

D3.2 Customers’ perspective on REWARDHeat solutions

In this deliverable a survey was conducted with both professional customers and end-users in connection to the REWARDHeat demonstration sites.

February 2021

D4.1 Configuration and sizing of package substations

This deliverable reports on the main outcomes of REWARDHeat activity focused on the definition of suitable packaged substation concepts for buildings connected to low- and neutral-temperature DHC networks

April 2021

D5.2 Cybersecurity guidelines

The report presents cyber-security strategies and guidelines that should be foreseen in modern DHC networks according to the legislative framework.

October 2020

D5.4 – Advanced controls in DHC networks

The aim of this report is  to create common knowledge by comparing approaches and results.

March 2021

D8.3 Promotiona Material

The REWARDHeat Flyer and the REWARDHeat Roll up are available here for the download

March 2021